York St John Degree Show

June 2021

Mia's degree show concept came from a handful of conversations with peers and tutors, "after discussing what elements were the most important to me, it became clear that what interested me most was performativity and gaining control back over my body and self". In the period leading up to the degree show, Mia's work had been inspired by The Staves song 'Paralysed', the artist decided to use a section of those lyrics as a starting point, and by physically placing herself in the space, she began to write her own narrative.

By performing the painting process as part of the exhibition, this allowed the exhibited work to be about the creation of the piece rather than a static, completed painting on a wall. "It's taking a piece of music that already exists and transforming those motifs into something else" she explains, "it acknowledges that feeling of reflecting on the past, whilst navigating and taking control of your future."

"Don't snuff me out,
I used to be magic, I used to be rage,
I used to be something you made and admired,
I used to be fire, I used to be magic."
-Paralysed, The Staves

Aesthetica Magazine New Talent

The students at York St John had their degree show work published on Aesthetica Magazine's website, for a virtual degree show as well as holding the physical show at the university campus. 

Follow the link to see Mia's profile and read more about her work.